Au Revoir 2014 – À tout de suite 2015

As I bid 2014 goodbye, I reflect to see how the year was. Sum total, I would say my year was bitter sweet. While some aspects were negative, I look to the positive aspects…one of which being, I finally started my blog! Also, I finished my script for my first children’s book (a task that was on my to-do list for a long time). Now I look forward to 2015 with vigor and new hopes.

This year is a little bit special for me. My husband will be turning 40, yeah, he is hitting the big 4’s now. And I will be turning 35…both of which are equally special. But the best specialty is that this year, my husband will be 10 times my son’s age…that is, Aditya will turn 4 and my husband, 40. It is not every year that you can be a decade multiple of your son.

While I don’t intend to make too many resolutions, I certainly want to make one (and keep it). That is, to spend more time with my son doing activities to enrich his mind and our interaction. I am sure that my newly formed blog will profit by this since I intend to post some of these activities. If you have any ideas that you want to share with me please do leave me a comment 🙂

As I close  my last post for this year, I leave you with this small poem…

I look back and remember, all the events this year has been,

With warmth in my heart, I bid you goodbye 2014,

I wish you all, a wonderful and prosperous new year,

and hope that you can share it, with everybody near and dear.

See you next year.

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