Visit to Christmas in the park – San Jose

Just as every parent strives to open the world to their children, I attempt to do the same for my 3 year old. While he is extremely enthusiastic to visit any place, I try to limit his outings to a few hours. Beyond that, I feel that he gets difficult to handle. One IMG_3911such visit was the “Christmas in the Park” at San Jose. I found the place to be very age appropriate.

My husband got me a cup of hot chocolate which was simply divine. As I was sipping it, I was following my son who was leading the way through brightly lit trees and beautiful Christmas displays.


There were numerous Christmas trees that had been decorated by local schools, various girl scout chapters and a myriad of  local organizations. There was a simplicity to the place that resonated very well with my state of mind. IMG_3928

After walking around for a few hours, we decided to get something to eat. IMG_3926We got my son a cake in a cute little cafe and sat near the window watching the Ferris wheel.

The cake was really very good. And between bites of the cake, my son finished his dinner. I was ecstatic. Then we resumed our tour of the place and saw the “Santa sleigh pulled by the reindeer” display. Once again it was simplistic beauty.

IMG_3910 IMG_3936

After roaming around for a half hour more, we left the place feeling happy and very peaceful. “Christmas in the park” is definitely going to an yearly event in our household.

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