Is free will a myth?

I have been plagued by this question for a long time now. Is free will really a myth? I do believe that there is some part of destiny in each of our lives. I believe this cause even 2 identical twins with the same parents, given the same opportunities, same nurture and nature, end up with 2 different lives. So that is empirical evidence of destiny. But to what end is this true?

Do we have free will at all? The way I see it, of course there is free will when it comes to trivial matters such as choice of eating food, choice of picking out clothes to wear, etc. But the greater challenges, such as career, emotional burdens, our spouse, etc…are those already decided for us? Do we have any control over those?

Is a career criminal born to become one? And if that’s so, is there anything he can do to avoid it? Does prayer help to alleviate this destiny?

Life is mystical in so many ways. I certainly believe in God. There are too many unexplained phenomenons and incidences to not believe in HIM. I certainly believe in God’s power when it comes to my child. I truly believe that my child is Gods blessing and we parents are mere vessels to bring this force to fruition. I try my best to shield my child from all the harms and destruction of man, but during my absence, I pray in my heart to God to watch over my child. He is omniscient and omnipresent….and it is with his grace that my child is and continues to be safe.

But sometimes man become arrogant and believes he is all powerful. Then God wields his power in something simple as a hurricane or tornado and humbles us in HIS force. I am a Hindu but I believe that all Gods are the same. It is the same journey towards the almighty. But how much does he control vs how much does he let us steer the ship? This question is still remains unanswered to me!

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