Take care of your digestive – ginger detox shot

I am an huge proponent of natural way of cure. Even from my childhood, my family has introduced Ayurveda to me. I grew up eating chyavanaprash and drinking kashayams for health. And to add to my existing Ayurveda knowledge, my new sister after marriage turned out to be a Naturopath. She introduced me to the world of Homeopathy. So its but natural (pun intended) that when I had a child of my own, I relied on her heavily to provide me cures the natural way.

Disclaimer: Please use the detox shot provided below at your own volition.

IMG_4017While I don’t claim in any way or means that I am a healer, I wish to share the ginger detox shot that my mom used to make once a week. Since this is a pretty potent shot, one shouldn’t take this more than once a week (max). So here are the details.

Ingredients (for one shot)

Ginger – 1 big piece, 3-5′ (since you will be juicing this, you need a decent piece to get enough juice)

Honey – 1-2 tbsp

Lemon – 1-2 tbsp



How to

Use the blender to grind the ginger. Once its done, squeeze out the juice by your hand or a sieve. If you have wheat grass juicer, you can use that to squeeze out the juice. But not having one shouldn’t prevent you from making this shot.

Once the juice is done, heat it slightly on the stove top. Don’t let it boil! This will help remove the raw taste of ginger and make it more edible. Cool it to room temp.

To this add honey, and lemon. You can add more of both or either to suit your taste.

Drink it on an empty stomach. That’s it. Detox away!

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