Take care of your digestive – ginger detox shot

I am an huge proponent of natural way of cure. Even from my childhood, my family has introduced Ayurveda to me. I grew up eating chyavanaprash and drinking kashayams for health. And to add to my existing Ayurveda knowledge, my new sister after marriage turned out to be a Naturopath. She introduced me to the world of Homeopathy. So its but natural (pun intended) that when I had a child of my own, I relied on her heavily to provide me cures the natural way.

Disclaimer: Please use the detox shot provided below at your own volition.

IMG_4017While I don’t claim in any way or means that I am a healer, I wish to share the ginger detox shot that my mom used to make once a week. Since this is a pretty potent shot, one shouldn’t take this more than once a week (max). So here are the details. Continue reading


Kadhai Aalo (Potato in a wok)

My husband is a big potato aficionado. He will eat anything made of potatoes. So I experiment a lot with this vegetable to make the dish healthy and yummy. Kadhai Aalo is a play on the famous Indian dish Kadhai Paneer (Paneer in a wok).

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Is free will a myth?

I have been plagued by this question for a long time now. Is free will really a myth? I do believe that there is some part of destiny in each of our lives. I believe this cause even 2 identical twins with the same parents, given the same opportunities, same nurture and nature, end up with 2 different lives. So that is empirical evidence of destiny. But to what end is this true? Continue reading


Detox Bath- the best way to bathe

I am a big proponent of how our ancestors used to live. I think they had the secret to healthy way of life. Every single method they followed had some scientific meaning attached to it. We think we are closer to science but I think we have uprooted ourselves from our roots into a world of contrived and factitious living.

Anyway, getting back to the post! The best way to provide a healthy bath to our kids is the age old way of “oil bath“. This is the Ayurveda way and whenever I give this kind of bath to my son, his skin is soft like a fresh rose petal. And of course he smells like a fresh breeze from a beautiful summer garden.

An oil bath is when you apply oil to the body and the head and then take a shower with water. I use coconut oil, since that is the best conditioner for the skin and the hair.

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The terrain is medius-italius (Mediterranean pizza)

The word Mediterranean is from Latin which means middle terrain. Mediterranean Cuisine has a very heavy meat influence. But their vegetable preparations are equally delectable. The marriage of Italian and Mediterranean flavors plays out very well on a pizza. IMG_3876This is what I tried to do in my take of Mediterranean Pizza. Have fun making this as much as I did making and eating it. Continue reading


Visit to Christmas in the park – San Jose

Just as every parent strives to open the world to their children, I attempt to do the same for my 3 year old. While he is extremely enthusiastic to visit any place, I try to limit his outings to a few hours. Beyond that, I feel that he gets difficult to handle. One IMG_3911such visit was the “Christmas in the Park” at San Jose. I found the place to be very age appropriate.

My husband got me a cup of hot chocolate which was simply divine. As I was sipping it, I was following my son who was leading the way through brightly lit trees and beautiful Christmas displays.

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