July 4th in Milpitas

Living in Milpitas, I try to get involved in as many community activities as possible. Having a full time job and a small child, the list is not too big. But every 4th of July, as a family, we go to see the fireworks. It is a tradition that we follow diligently. This year has been the 3rd year in a row that we have attended the 4th of July fireworks in Milpitas. The city does a nice show starting at 9:00pm and the fireworks are always spectacular. What I like in particular is that the show is accompanied with nice music.


All the festivities happen in the Milpitas sport center.

This year along with the tradition of seeing fireworks, we decided to join in at the Milpitas pool party. It turned out to be a great idea. My husband and my son went in the pool and the water was perfect. It was a good day and timing for a dip in the pool. The pool party was just $2 per person and it started at 1:00pm. While the party lasts till 4:00, we left at around 2:45pm. I would highly recommend who like swimming to attend the party, but get there early. As it gets later in the day, it starts to get crowded. Also, at this time, we can buy the ticket for the evening festivities and beat the rush crowd during entry time in the evening.

The evening starts with a before the live band playing in the field along with the hustle and bustle of people. This year there were more food trucks than last year and from the looks of it, there were more vegetarian options available. But we had come prepared with food this year.

I had made spaghetti for my son and ravioli with tomato cream sauce for us. Also I had packed a load of fruits and some junk food. Since we had already bought the entry tickets, we reached around 6:00pm with a lot of time to spare. We found a comfortable spot and put our blanket and settled down. The rest of the evening was just amazing. We had our dinner and nuzzled into our blanket. Of course, occasionally my son got super excited and starting troubling us. And he just got amplified when the fireworks started. For each and every firecracker that lit up the sky, he kept saying “wow wow”. It was super cute. The only recommendation (rather strong suggestion) is to dress a bit warm. Although it is July, evening does get chilly. A fleece jacket and long comfortable pajamas instead of shorts would be the way to go.

Hope you had a great 4th of July as well and if you are in Milpitas, don’t forget to take in the festivities.

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