Is it Easter or Diwali

Although I am a United states citizen now, my origin is from India. I married an American Indian who was born and brought up here. His upbringing brought him close to indian culture. So much so that there is no culture clash amongst us although he is an American in all respects. But the biggest question was, how do I instill the same culture in the next generation, my son!

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What I do before 9am

I read a post about what successful people do before 9am and it was almost perfect. I wish I had such a perfect morning…


My perfect morning would go something like this. Get up by 5:00am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, get in a short run or a bit of exercise and then have a healthy breakfast. A quick shower followed by a drive to office for a productive day. Doesn’t that sound perfect? But the reality is nothing like that.

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I am done with my PMP…I am back!!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I have been MIA in the past few months. My sincerest apologies for leaving you all without much information. There were multiple contributing factors. But needless to say, my blog and my followers were on my mind the whole time.

Let me tell you more about my past few months experience. I had been preparing for my PMP (project management professional) certification exam for past 3 months. It was a long road of three months of prep that led me to September 26th, my exam day.

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My First Jury Experience

I recently became an US citizen after living in the country for 14 years. Truly exhilarating that I am now officially a citizen of this country that welcomed me 14 years ago with open arms. Of course with title comes duty and responsibility as a citizen to this country. One of which is the unique judicial system of being judge by a panel of 12 peers. I was privy to this real courtroom drama for the first time last year in February.

I got my Jury summons in the month of February, 2015. S. But I figured, just like with my husband, the experience would end with a cursory checking of the summons page and not being called in. But that was not going to be the case for me. I checked the summons page on Monday and towards the end of the day, I was asked to come in on Tuesday. So Tuesday morning, I checked in at 9:30 at the San Jose court house. From there on, it was a waiting game until after noon 3:00pm.

But before I get to that part, I want to share some insights on being prepared. First off, take a water bottle. The court house has a water fountain, but I think its always better to carry water since the court itself doesn’t have accessibility to water. Next is food. Although there are 2 stalls inside the court house that has some basic stuff, do get some food with you. Especially if you are a vegetarian like me…I had to sustain myself with a TOGO sandwich since none of the other nearby restaurants were particularly vegetarian friendly. Also, do bring an extra sweater and a book or something to read. There is a lot of waiting around that happens. I took this time to memorize my PMP process flash cards. So it was time well spent.

Now getting back to the Jury selection process. It was quite intriguing. After the judge went over the procedure in general, he opened the floor to whats called “Hardships”. Basically, this is where people with hardships in life who cannot be a jury member would give their reasoning and potentially get excused. The judge asked the rest of folks to wait in the waiting room while he heard the hardships. Once that was done, we were then asked to come back and resume the process again. One by one, we finally settled on the jury. I was one among the jury that did get selected. That pretty much was the end of the day since that took all day.

The next day we were asked to report around the same time. This time around, I was better prepared. So I took my water, food and snacks to eat and extra sweater. Once more I was prepared for more waiting around and hearing more lawyer jargon. At around 10:00am, the judge called us. And he said that he has some news for us. Fortunately  it was good news where the defendant apparently settled and dismissed us.

The whole experience was intriguing but also a bit boring. The worst part was going back home and doing at least half a day of work! I spent a good bit of the evening going through my emails and replying and at least doing some work. I guess I do understand now why folks dread Jury duty. It is slow, boring and its like a second full time job! I think offices need to better support Jury duty stuff and not pile full time work over jury duty. But one thing I can say is that I don’t need to worry for a while 🙂


The choices of a woman as a mother

I read a few articles today on the comments people make for a stay-at-home-mother. IMG_3918I was both appalled and distressed to hear the word “luxury” being used for the work of a SAHM. My mother was a home maker and let me tell you this, I have never seen her have even a moment’s respite in her role. She worked tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. She made us whatever food we wished, made sure our clothes and uniforms were clean and ironed, even kept my school shoes cleaned and polished. There was not one moment of respite or “luxury” in her life. Continue reading


Perfection is overrated

In life, all of us are searching for perfection. The perfect gift, the perfect behavior, the perfect house, and ultimately, the perfect spouse. But I personally believe that perfection is a mirage. Perfection is overrated. Human behavior is tuned to pick out mistakes, nit picking, criticism and we all want happiness at all times, at all costs. While I am not saying that one should not strive to be happy, I think linking happiness to perfection is a doomed association.

I learned this from my three year old. He is perfectly happy with an old pair of shoe or an old worn out tricycle. His smile has no relation to whether the article is perfect, old or new. Just the fact that he has it, when he wants it, is merely sufficient. There is tons to learn from that satisfaction.

I met a lady once (wont say name for privacy sake), and she told me that she left her 3 kids, her house and all the comfort just because she fell out of love. Once again she was looking for the perfect husband who would thrill her everyday. While it is of course a personal choice, I feel that the responsibility we have as parents carries a lot of weight. A broken home is the single most destabilizing thing for a child.

I am not proposing that one should stay in an abusive relationship or endure an unhappy marriage, but simply to raise the bar on happiness. Sometimes, a simple evening with the family watching a children’s movie is very satisfying and fills the heart with content and peace. Just like kids, we should learn to tease out happiness from simple moments in life. Then we will be able to find perfection in every walk of life.

What do you think of perfection in life? When can you say you are truly happy?


Beauty and burden of being brown

Society places a lot of emphasis on beauty. Unfortunately, although we say “beauty is only skin deep” that is the depth that much of the population focuses on. Of course, it is quite true that for each society, the concept of beauty is quite different. In some cultures, having long ear lobes is considered beautiful, while in others, having dark skin is. Many Americans covet dark skin and go to tanning parlors, at high cost, to obtain it.  At the same time, in India, people spend tons on whitening creams and bleaches. Although there are dozens of articles proving that these creams do nothing, the sale of “whiteners” has not gone down. And it won’t until the society, as a whole, changes its perception of beauty.

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Is free will a myth?

I have been plagued by this question for a long time now. Is free will really a myth? I do believe that there is some part of destiny in each of our lives. I believe this cause even 2 identical twins with the same parents, given the same opportunities, same nurture and nature, end up with 2 different lives. So that is empirical evidence of destiny. But to what end is this true? Continue reading


Detox Bath- the best way to bathe

I am a big proponent of how our ancestors used to live. I think they had the secret to healthy way of life. Every single method they followed had some scientific meaning attached to it. We think we are closer to science but I think we have uprooted ourselves from our roots into a world of contrived and factitious living.

Anyway, getting back to the post! The best way to provide a healthy bath to our kids is the age old way of “oil bath“. This is the Ayurveda way and whenever I give this kind of bath to my son, his skin is soft like a fresh rose petal. And of course he smells like a fresh breeze from a beautiful summer garden.

An oil bath is when you apply oil to the body and the head and then take a shower with water. I use coconut oil, since that is the best conditioner for the skin and the hair.

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Au Revoir 2014 – À tout de suite 2015

As I bid 2014 goodbye, I reflect to see how the year was. Sum total, I would say my year was bitter sweet. While some aspects were negative, I look to the positive aspects…one of which being, I finally started my blog! Also, I finished my script for my first children’s book (a task that was on my to-do list for a long time). Now I look forward to 2015 with vigor and new hopes.

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