Is free will a myth?

I have been plagued by this question for a long time now. Is free will really a myth? I do believe that there is some part of destiny in each of our lives. I believe this cause even 2 identical twins with the same parents, given the same opportunities, same nurture and nature, end up with 2 different lives. So that is empirical evidence of destiny. But to what end is this true? Continue reading


Detox Bath- the best way to bathe

I am a big proponent of how our ancestors used to live. I think they had the secret to healthy way of life. Every single method they followed had some scientific meaning attached to it. We think we are closer to science but I think we have uprooted ourselves from our roots into a world of contrived and factitious living.

Anyway, getting back to the post! The best way to provide a healthy bath to our kids is the age old way of “oil bath“. This is the Ayurveda way and whenever I give this kind of bath to my son, his skin is soft like a fresh rose petal. And of course he smells like a fresh breeze from a beautiful summer garden.

An oil bath is when you apply oil to the body and the head and then take a shower with water. I use coconut oil, since that is the best conditioner for the skin and the hair.

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Au Revoir 2014 – À tout de suite 2015

As I bid 2014 goodbye, I reflect to see how the year was. Sum total, I would say my year was bitter sweet. While some aspects were negative, I look to the positive aspects…one of which being, I finally started my blog! Also, I finished my script for my first children’s book (a task that was on my to-do list for a long time). Now I look forward to 2015 with vigor and new hopes.

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First post in the season of holly and jolly

Christmas 2014, I finally made my way into the world of blogging. Not that I didn’t have the intention to start earlier, but there wasn’t enough motivation. But finally I made it. Christmas is the ultimate time of fun and frolic each year. I love that all the malls, parks and homes are decked with lights and wreaths and Christmas trees.

Although we are Hindu’s and Christmas has absolutely no relevance to our religion and way of life, I still love the holiday and its festivities. So in the same spirit we also have a tree (actually, we have a 9ft tree!) and decorate it with all the beautiful tinsels and ornaments. Each year we buy atleast one ornament to add to our collection. This year, we bought an ornament from the Happy Hollow park and Zoo which we visited on the day after Christmas. Continue reading