Ravioli with tomato cream sauce – made fast

We all have busy lives revolving around work, children and other responsibilities. So an easy dish that is quick to cook but healthy and yummy to eat is very sought after. I turn to Italian for this. Especially because we have lot of good pasta that is fast and frozen but still healthy. IMG_4008My favorite is frozen spinach and mozzarella ravioli from Costco. This preparation is very easy and yummy-licious. So here goes my version of Ravioli with tomato cream sauce. Continue reading


The terrain is medius-italius (Mediterranean pizza)

The word Mediterranean is from Latin which means middle terrain. Mediterranean Cuisine has a very heavy meat influence. But their vegetable preparations are equally delectable. The marriage of Italian and Mediterranean flavors plays out very well on a pizza. IMG_3876This is what I tried to do in my take of Mediterranean Pizza. Have fun making this as much as I did making and eating it. Continue reading


Simple Italian pizza by an Indian, you say!

There a couple of reasons I started making my own pizzas. Well, I love pizza…but who doesn’t! But what I found difficult was to find an Italian pizzeria near Milpitas, CA that really does Italian pizza well. I mean, seriously…how hard is it to make a tasty pizza with a thin crust? After having multiple failed attempts at finding a decent place, I decided to make my own. Once I made it, there was no going back. Actually, it is quite easy to make this especially if you make enough and freeze the dough. I hope you have same success making thin crust Italian pizza like I did.

Continue reading