Split Green Gram Khichdi

Khichdi is one of the soul foods of our ancestors. It is one of the easiest food to make and one of the most delicious. Any time I make this, my husband and my son gobble it up. Best eaten warm, this is one of the foods that brings comfort to the heart and mind. I make my khichdi with split green gram which is healthier than the washed moong dal. More roughage and fibre than the yellow moong dal. I hope you enjoy this recipe in good health.  Continue reading


Curd rice or Bagalabath

The ultimate experience in comfort food is simple curd rice. I love eating this dish at any time of the day and week. While simple mixing of rice and curd is good enough, my preference is to make the Bagalabath IMG_4030with all the extra paraphernalia. This makes it more eye pleasing and tongue pleasing as well. The preparation itself is actually very easy and quick. Also you can add extra vegetables like cucumber or shredded carrots to make it extra healthy. Of course accompanying with a lemon pickle or mango pickle makes it irresistible. Continue reading


Simple Dal Palak – comfort food done well

When returning from a long day at work, the heart craves for some comfort food. Comfort food is different for different people. IMG_3954For me a simple dal palak (lentils with spinach), bring a certain warmth to my heart and soothes my soul. One would think simple food is easy, but that is no always so…it is very easy to mess it up. So today, I bring you my own recipe that is simple food at its best.

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