Take care of your digestive – ginger detox shot

I am an huge proponent of natural way of cure. Even from my childhood, my family has introduced Ayurveda to me. I grew up eating chyavanaprash and drinking kashayams for health. And to add to my existing Ayurveda knowledge, my new sister after marriage turned out to be a Naturopath. She introduced me to the world of Homeopathy. So its but natural (pun intended) that when I had a child of my own, I relied on her heavily to provide me cures the natural way.

Disclaimer: Please use the detox shot provided below at your own volition.

IMG_4017While I don’t claim in any way or means that I am a healer, I wish to share the ginger detox shot that my mom used to make once a week. Since this is a pretty potent shot, one shouldn’t take this more than once a week (max). So here are the details. Continue reading