Dosa or Idli Batter

Dosas and Idlis are pretty standard in an Indian’s life. A Dosa is a savory Indian Crepe Image result for dosathat is served with Sambar and/or chutney. An Idli is an Indian version of a steamed dumpling also served with Sambar and/or chutney. Both these delicious foods are made with one simple batter preparation. It takes skill and lots of practice to make good batter. I have made many mistakes myself and mastered the batter only after several attempts. My post will make an attempt to gather all these best practices so that you can master this art in even fewer trials.

Image result for idli Cooked Idlis look like this.

Idlis are not forgiving. You can either make them well or they will turn out like rocks. Once again, that entirely depends on the batter.

Now lets go master it. Continue reading


Fast and easy, Veg Dumplings.

If you are like me, then you will always have an abundance of Dosa batter ready at home. But what can you do when you have a new batch and you have still have to finish the old batch. One easy and tongue tested way to finish the batter is to make shallow fried dumplings. These are also called “Kunipaniharam” in Tamil. But in the interest of able to identify with my readers (for whom the above might not be easy to pronounce), I just call these dumplings. These are super easy to make and are a sure hit with my family. Continue reading